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Office of Internal Audit
University of Mississippi

Report a Violation or Misconduct

Suspected misconduct may be reported to an employee’s immediate supervisor, department chair or dean (or to another individual in the employee’s chain of command).  Alternatively, the following is an outline of where certain types of complaints should be made:


Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault, or Sexual Harassment

Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance: 662-915-7042 or

Discrimination Based on Gender, Race, National Origin, or Other Protected Class

Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance: 662-915-7735 or

Work Environment and Conditions, Conduct of Co-Workers or Supervisors, Time and Attendance, and Payroll

Human Resources: 662-915-7431 or

Academic Misconduct by Faculty or Staff

Office of the Provost: 662-915-5974 or

Student Conduct

Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct:, or report an incident online


UMatter: 662-915-7248 or visit

Through this website, students, faculty, staff and parents can learn how to take action to support and assist fellow students and colleagues. Should you see signs of a person of concern, someone who is in distress, or someone who simply needs assistance, know that resources are available through this website.

A Disability or an Accommodation for a Disability

For student accommodations, contact Student Disability Services: 662-915-7128 or


For employee accommodations or general accessibility, contact Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance:

662-915-7735 or

Research Misconduct or Research Conflict of Interest

Contact the Executive Director of Research Integrity and Compliance at 662-915-5458 or

NCAA Rules and Regulations

Athletics Compliance: 662-915-1594 or

Search Committee Misconduct

Human Resources: 662-915-7431 or


Equal Opportunity & Regulatory Compliance: 662-915-7735 or

Public Safety, Life Safety, Vandalism, or Crime

For an emergency, call 662-915-4911

For a non-emergency, call 662-915-7234 or

TDD-Hearing and Speech Impairment Phone: 662-915-5091

Other Matters Not Specifically Addressed Here

Contact your supervisor or another leader in the chain of command.

Fraud or Misuse of Public Funds or Property

Office of Internal Audit: 662-915-7017 or  For additional information, please review the Fiscal Misconduct policy.


Employees, students, and others associated with the University who in good faith report actual or suspected fiscal misconduct will be protected from professional retaliation by those committing the actual or suspected fiscal impropriety.  For additional information, please review the University’s Whistleblower Policy.

Reporting Anonymously

Notifications can be anonymous if the individual so chooses.  EthicsPoint: Report through EthicsPoint or call 877-310-0424.